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Thank you for joining us! As a Free Level client, you have access to the Training Course outlined below, plus daily surplus records where the amount of surplus is between $1000 and $2000. These are the REAL records from the daily tax deed auctions. The surplus amounts are low because they are for training purposes, to get you used to what the process is like. Once you feel comfortable, you can upgrade to obtain higher value surplus records. Every auction day, we will send out an email telling you there are new records. You then access our online repository and download the records.

The Free Course Outline is below with a link to each topic. OR, you can skip this and go straight to your Account Area. You will find a link to the Free Course there as well.


  • 14 – Getting Started, Step By Step
    • Step 1 – Obtain a source of tax deed surplus records
    • Step 2 – Scan your list to determine if any are records you want to pursue
    • Step 3 – If working with older records, check to see if the surplus is still available (not claimed)
    • Step 4 – Download/obtain the property information report to see if there are any liens on the property
    • Step 5 – Locate and contact the property owner
    • Step 6 – Decide on the route to take with your client & sign papers
    • Step 7 – Gather all documents needed
    • Step 8 – Fill out the claim form
    • Step 9 – Submit your claim package to the county
    • Step 10 – THE most important step – always do this