Q. With this Free Account I just joined, to what do I have access?

You have access to our Auction Calendars, Help Desk and Free Surplus Records under $2,000 here on TaxAuctionSurplus.com. You will also receive an email each day that we upload a new list/report so you can log in and download it.

We now also offer “Weekly Surplus Lists” for those who are not yet ready to commit to an on-going subscription payment for our daily surplus lists.

Q. I have read through the free course, all FAQ’s and all 10 Steps I should take. Now What?

Each auction day, you will receive an email letting you know we have uploaded more surplus records. Have a look at them and begin to recognize the information we put on our reports.

When you feel you are ready to jump in, you can upgrade with one of the following:

  • Florida Overbids
    This website has all of the claim forms, county-specific training pages with the Step by Step actions you need to take for that county, county website with the links you need and Q&A sections for each county. This is included with your subscription on TaxAuctionSurplus.com and SurplusDatabasePro.com OR you can join FloridaOverbids.com by itself.
  • Tax Auction Surplus
    In-Florida Counties: This gives you all surplus records at the end of each day and Property Information Reports. You can also choose the “Lien Research” Add-On, where we will perform the research on any liens that may be on the property which could take some or all of the surplus. We provide auction records the same day as the auction so the 120 Day Lien Holder deadline is still in effect. You need to make sure the record is worthy of pursuing.
  • Surplus Database Pro
    In-Florida Counties: This website provides everything that is on TaxAuctionSurplus.com PLUS we do the lien research for you. Saves you HOURS a day. You also receive the Business Website and Online Database for free, “Monday Reports” and many more benefits!
  • California Excess Proceeds
    This website gives you the excess proceed records from California Counties only. We include Claim Forms and Claim Processes for each Excess list.

  • We also have MortgageAuctionSurplus.com website where we provide the daily surplus records from the Mortgage Foreclosure Auctions
  • You can also obtain a Business Website and Online Database into which you can import all surplus records you obtain from us to help you organize and facilitate your asset recovery services. We also supply you with 2 import templates so if you obtain records from another source (not us), you can use these templates to import those records into the database we give you.

Watch these 2 videos that shows you how the database works

Obtaining and Importing Records

Using Filters and Working the Database

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