is a sub-site of On Surplus Database, they provide the surplus records from the Florida Counties plus a Business Website and Online Database to organize your records. Auctions are held Monday through Thursday and very occasionally on a Friday. Once a day or week is complete, we take their records and offer them here on in one of three Membership Levels.

The surplus records are enhanced with the Property Owners name and their Mailing Address on record with the local Tax Collectors office.

Depending on the Membership Level you choose, you receive Surplus Reports either Daily or Once a Week on Thursdays.

Here is everything you need for successful surplus claims and how we offer it to you::


For every property that is auctioned successfully, you will need the following information.

  • Auction Date
  • Tax Deed Number
  • Parcel Number
  • Surplus Amount
  • Who was the Owner at the time of the auction (who is entitled to the surplus)
  • What is/was their mailing address at the time of the auction (in case they did not live at the property or they moved before the auction)
  • What was the property address
  • Are there any governmental liens on the property or owner
  • Are there any mortgages on the property
  • Are there any other liens on the property, such as Judgments

ALL of the above is given to you on the Surplus Reports we supply


Most liens against the property or owner are allowed to put in a claim against the surplus, as long as they do so within 120 days after the auction. Just because you see $100,000 in surplus does not mean that will all be available for the owner to claim. The flip side is also true, if you see a record that has 20 Government liens, do not assume it is no good. MANY times these liens are less than $100. Research!

  • If there are Liens, how much are they?

We give you:

  • The Property Information Reports which tells you if there are liens and give you a Book and Page Number so that you can look them up on the Official Records website for that county
  • A link to the Official Records website for each county.
  • Sample Property Information Report for each County, showing how and where to look on it for the info you need
  • A Lien Research Guide, plus a Video


We have a guide showing you step by step what to do from the point of receiving the Surplus Reports, Seeking the Property Owner, Filling out the Forms and submitting them to the County. Here are the topics discussed:

1. Determine if it’s a record you even want to go after based on the Surplus amount and owner
2. Check to make sure it did not redeem within the twenty-four hours afterwards.
3. Download the Property Information Report to see if there are any liens that could take the surplus
4. Research any Liens, Mortgages, etc. that you find mentioned on the Property Information Report
5. Locate and contact person
6. Agree and sign papers
7. Gather all documents needed
8. Fill out claim form
9. Submit to county


The Surplus Reports we give you are from the auctions that happen that day, so there is no need to determine if a claim was already made, the answer is always NO.

However, Since you will have access to our older Surplus Reports, you will want to first check if a claim was already made and/or if there is any surplus money left. We have a guide and a video for each of the counties where we collect surplus records from. You can quickly determine if there was already a claim before you waste any time on that record.


We give you access to our Property Information Reports Online Repository where we store all the Property reports created by the counties. We spend hours locating and downloading these reports so that you can have them all at your fingertips.


Some consider this the most difficult part of the process. You may think you need a Private Investigator or Professional Skip Tracer to locate these property owners, but mostly that is not true. With the wealth of information available online for free, you can locate these people. We have a guide to show you how to “Skip Trace Using Public Records”


So you found them, now you have to contact them. What do you say? How much do you reveal? This part is always a trial and error process. You have to learn what works for you personally. To help, we supply you with 2 examples of “First Contact” letters so you can get an idea of what to say.

One of the letters gives less info about the Surplus. This wording is best if you are afraid the client could circumvent you and pursue the claim on their own.

The other letter has more information about the surplus. This wording is helpful to convince the property owner this is legitimate.


Once you locate the potential client, you need to determine the route you will take plus an agreement between you. We give you information on “Routes To Take”, which discusses the Assignment of Interest or the Contingency Agreement + Power of Attorney. We also give you an example of the forms filled out.


After you have worked out a deal and signed the client, you need the Surplus Claim Form from the County. We have all 67 County Claim Forms

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We have the Records Organized from the Tax Deed Application Date to the Surplus after the Auctions!


This website deals with the Tax Deed Properties before they are auctioned. Our clients are Realtors, Bird Dogs, House Flippers and Investors. The property owners are highly motivated to sell before they lose their property in the Auction


This was our first website concerning Surplus and it was created with the intent of providing one organized place where established asset recovery specialists could obtain all the county website links and forms they need.


Our Masterpiece!
After years of working with Asset Recovery Specialists, Real Estate Investors and Lawyers, we pulled together everything you need to get started in (and succeed) Surplus Asset Recovery.