Introduction: About Us and Our Websites/Products

Updated on 5/26/2024

Just to give you a quick background on us, we created the website at the end of 2017 with the intent to pull together all 67 counties information and instructions and forms about the tax deed auctions. The website was meant for people who are already going after the Tax Deed Surplus, but they just needed a little help with organization, sort of a one-stop website for all the county links and forms they need.

After that was going for just a short while, we quickly learned that a lot of people were interested in learning about the business of collecting Surplus in Florida. We expanded upon what was already on the website to add videos and training and guides etc.

We then opened additional websites and because even though shows people how to locate the Surplus, it’s a lot of work to actually get the good records and research them so we began offering that product (the Surplus lists themselves). We saw what was already out there in the way of surplus lists and knew without a doubt, we could do better for Florida. 

We began offering a Business Website and an Online Database to our clients as a way for them to import the surplus records and organize them. The database helps during all steps of asset recovery and making the claim with the counties.

A large part of claiming the tax deed surplus money is researching any possible liens that may be on the property that could take the surplus. So edited to offer just the Website and Online Database (NOT the surplus records) – because there are people who get lists elsewhere and just need an organization system.

Then we created to offer the lien-researched lists and it includes the Website and Database (instead of needing to purchase it separately)

On and, we have all of the Client Forms, Claim Forms, Videos, Q&A for each County on the County Information Pages plus many more benefits. We got rid of and put all of those resources, claim forms and the training right on to the other 2 websites.

We then created for those who do not want to commit to an on-going subscription payment. On this website, you can purchase any list, any day we upload a new one. You can choose between the normal surplus list or the one where we have already researched all of the liens on the properties (saves you a great deal of time)

All of the above deals with the surplus from Tax Deed Auctions (properties lost because of failure to pay property taxes). People began asking about Mortgage Surplus, so we created (properties lost because of failure to pay mortgage payments)

We also have which deals with the tax deed properties before they arrive at the auctions. This website is popular with investors, bird dogs and house flippers.

Confused? Here is a flow chart so you can determine what you need by what you want.

02 – Tax Lien vs Tax Deed and the Cycle of a Tax Deed Auction