Other Surplus Lists

You may have purchased a list somewhere else, but those records do not show you if there are any liens or encumbrances on the property which would take precedence over the previous owner in terms of claiming the surplus. This pertains to Florida Counties only. This is a Florida Tax Deed Course and other states and counties may have different laws and statutes dealing with the surplus from Tax Deed Auctions.

You are also not given claim forms, client forms, claim process information or county contacts.

You also may find a “List of Surplus” that the county puts out themselves. These are also fine to use as long as you perform the research on the liens and if the county is also able to tell you if that surplus has been claimed. If you cannot easily find out if a claim has been made and paid already you may be wasting your time going after it because by the time the county puts a list out, the surplus is already well known using our methods of locating good records.

No matter where you find/buy a list, if you need assistance on how to ‘work it’, please post that question on the Q&A Page/Lesson of THAT COUNTY COURSE.

We are happy to show you what to do and where to go to research the tax deeds so you can decide if it is worth pursuing.

We are the ONLY company in the U.S. that provides surplus records where the liens are researched for you (in Florida). If another company has those types of surplus lists, they bought them from us and are re-selling them to you (against our terms of service). Read About Us here

12 – Florida Statute 197.582 Disbursement of Proceeds of Sale – Our Simple Explanation of this Statute