Our Prime Pre-Surplus Records shows you some properties that are about to hit the auction block that will be great records of surplus as long as the auction ends successfully. We supply just 1 or 2 of these for each auction week. There are many more great surplus records each week, so these are just a small sampling.

How do we know this?

We take the assessed value of the property (which is approximately how much the highest bid will be), deduct the starting bid (which is the amount of property tax the owner owns plus any fees associated with holding the auction) and this gives us the Overbid Amount of surplus that would be available for the property owner to claim after the auction.

We then obtain the Property Information Report from the county which lists the Book and Page # Of any liens that are on the property or owner and then look those up on the Official Records website to get the amount of those liens. Then we deduct those off of the possible surplus amount in case those lien holders do put in timely claims. We are then left with the amount of the possible surplus the property owner can claim after the auction ends.

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