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Once you receive our surplus lists on, the work is not complete. You would still need to download the Property Information Report, determine if any liens are on the property that may take the surplus and then research those liens to see how much is owed and to whom.

On, we do all of that for you. Once our records are in your hands, you can begin your work of locating and signing the client. Plus, with SurplusDatabasePro, you receive the records much faster than on

With, you also would receive our “Monday Reports”. This is a report that we upload every Monday in which we take all records where any liens on them expired in the previous week and therefore, all surplus remaining is due to only the previous property owner. We then re-research those records to see IF claims were made, WHO put in claims and how much surplus is remaining (if any).

If you would like to see on of the Monday Reports as an example, here is a link to one: