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We would not be able to answer exactly because we have no idea how well YOU work or how soon YOU can locate a potential client from our surplus lists.
So however long that takes PLUS, what is written below:

Let’s say an auction ended yesterday and produced good surplus. If you located the previous owner tomorrow and had them sign your contracts this week, it would still be approximately 130-210 days before you receive a check from the county.

After the auction, the county has 90 days to deal with everything on their end and mail out a surplus notice.
Then all lien holders have 120 days to put in a claim.

So from the moment you sign a client, you could expect income in roughly 4-7 months.

That answer is for the new, fresh surplus records we send daily.

If you work older records where the lien claim deadline has already passed (like from the ‘Monday Reports’ we send out to Pro Level subscribers), then you could see a check in as little as 2 weeks. More realistically it would be 30 days.

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