Category: Specific to Florida Counties

Each county has their own claims forms and procedures. But the basic process is this:

  1. Decide on what documentation you need the county requires. Most require
    • a copy of the surplus letter they sent out
    • a copy of the paper that proves your clients interest in the surplus (Previous owner will need the property deed, a Lien Holder will need their documents showing the previous owner owes them)
    • copy of your clients drivers license
    • County Surplus Claim Form
    • If your client signed over their interest to you, copy of that document as well as your drivers license
  2. Have all papers filled, signed and notarized
  3. Give to County Clerk of Court (Mail, Fax, In Person)
  4. Be prepared to contact clerk for updates

Each county page on has the links you need to figure out what is needed. Also, you can always call the Clerk of Court (Tax Deed Department) with questions.

Florida’s open public record law is fantastic and you can get anything you need by requesting it.

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