Category: Working the Records

We create the list right after the auction, so at the point when we send the new records, you are guaranteed there has been no claim. However, the more time that passes after the auction, you ARE taking a chance that a claim was put in. This is why it is imperative you act fast on new records.

We do not go back and update our lists to show if a claim has been made or not. If you need to know if a claim was made on an older record, you can do that in one of two ways:

  1. Look up the Tax Deed documents using the methods on our website and some counties DO show you if a claim was made and by whom.
    • We created a document and videos to train you how to do this, available in the Resources Section of your account.
  2. Call the Clerk of Court for that county and ask them. They will need the Tax Deed # and Sale Date
    • We created a document with the contact info for all 67 counties, available in the Resources Section of your account.

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