Yes, there are many more types of surplus records (unclaimed money) laying around, however, we only teach about the surplus from Tax Deed Auctions that happen in the Florida counties, so we will focus on that type only.

Where to obtain a continual source of surplus records?

  1. You could manually seek them out yourself. The best way is to perform the following searches on Google.  Fill in different county names for separate searches.
    • Tax Deed Surplus ________ County
    • Tax Deed Overbids ________ County
    • Tax Deed Overages ________ County
    • Unclaimed Surplus ________ County
  2. You can buy surplus lists from another company who seeks them out and collects the same information the counties give. A lot of counties will put out their own surplus lists periodically. Their intent is to help property owners claim their surplus. The counties do not do anything to assist Asset Recovery Specialists because that does not fall into the realm of their duties. They are, however, required by law to send out a notice of surplus to the property owner who lost their property in an auction. They send that letter to the property address that was already auctioned and therefore, most owners never receive that letter. Doesn’t matter to the county, they fulfilled their duty.
    Now, when a surplus list is uploaded online by a county, typically months or even a year has passed since that auction date. Well, you will find that those records were already picked over and claimed a loooong time ago. It is imperative that you obtain surplus records as soon after the auction is over as possible.
    On, we provide a link to where and how each county provides their surplus lists.
  3. You can subscribe to a Surplus List service that provides surplus lists fresh, each day, after the auctions happen. We have 2 websites that do this: and