Tax Deed Surplus Asset Recovery Course & Daily Surplus Records



01 – Introduction: About Us and Our Websites/Products
02 – Tax Lien vs Tax Deed and the Cycle of a Tax Deed Auction
03 – Overbid vs. Surplus or Excess Proceeds
04 – Who are Superior Lien Holders?
05 – Researching the Tax Deeds / Property up for auction
06 – Where to find the overbids
07 – Researching who is owed the overbid amount
08 – You found overbids and the person owed… Now what?
09 – Locating and Contacting those owed the surplus (and WHEN to contact them)
10 – Homestead Property and Surplus
11 – Other Surplus Lists
12 – Florida Statute 197.582 Disbursement of Proceeds of Sale
13 – Frequently Asked Questions
14 – Getting Started, Step By Step

  • Obtain a source of tax deed surplus records
  • Scan your list to determine if any are records you want to pursue
  • If working with older records, check to see if the surplus is still available (not claimed)
  • Download/obtain the property information report to see if there are any liens on the property
  • Locate and contact the property owner
  • Decide on the route to take with your client & sign papers
  • Gather all documents needed
  • Fill out the claim form
  • Submit your claim package to the county
  • THE most important step – always do this

15 – Course Wrap Up

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