Greetings! My name is Natalie Williams. I live in Florida and have worked for myself, online since 2000. I have been in the 'unclaimed property' arena since 2009 and opened my first unclaimed website for the public in 2012 ( The website was about ALL TYPES of unclaimed property. Since then, I narrowed my focus to Tax Deed Auction Surplus and created a system to organize and research the great surplus records. I am not affiliated with ANY other "tax deed surplus' businesses that are out there. It's just me and my OCD Research habits (plus a few part time assistants =)

01-16-2020 Daily Surplus List Notification –

The Surplus List for today is Ready on Make sure you are logged in Download the new list here Determine if they are records you want to pursue based on surplus amount and owner type (individual, business, owner deceased) Download the Property Information Report from our repository Download the Example Property Information Reports and Description Key so you know […]

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