At this time, we operate solely in Florida, which gives us the advantage of a smaller market and more reliable, precise records of surplus. We are also extremely knowledgeable on all laws and statutes regarding the tax deed surplus business.


All Monthly Subscribers on Tax Auction Surplus receive a free membership on Florida Overbids

YOU ARE SAVING: $197/month

On Florida Overbids, you will find a page for every county that includes:

  • Link to Research Ownership & Encumbrances (Liens/Mortgages/Judgments etc)
  • Video Tutorial showing you how to locate and research the O&E Report
  • Link to Clerk of Court Website
  • Link to Property Appraisers Website
  • Link to Tax Collectors Website
  • Link to Official Records Website
  • Downloadable County Surplus Claim Form
  • Other Client Forms you Need:
    • Contingency Agreement
    • Power of Attorney
    • Assignment of Interest
    • IRS W-9 Form
    • Suggested First Letter of Contact
    • Surplus Claim Tracking Sheet

Florida Overbids teaches you how to take the a Surplus List and research to find the information you need to pursue that record.


The ‘other guys’ may have an Enhanced List. However, in their case, that means the surplus amounts are over a certain high amount. Remember, the amount in surplus does not matter if there are also huge liens on the property or against the owner. In Florida, you NEED TO KNOW if there are liens or a mortgage on a property in order to determine the proper surplus amount that may be owed to the previous owner.

By contrast, the word Enhanced over here means the actual records are Enhanced. We add the Property Address, Owners Name and Mailing Address and we download the Property Information Reports where you will find possible Liens (book and page numbers) so you can fully know if it is an actual great record of surplus.

If you subscribe to another service, they may supply lists from other states than Florida. We do not currently deal with other states (work in progress), so feel free to go with them. However, please be sure to know the Tax Deed Surplus laws in each state. You WILL NEED to research those records!

Also, when we say “the other guys”, there truly is not another company out there that is doing what we do for Florida, not anywhere near the depth of our research and knowledge. We saw a need and we deliver!

Let us show you what we mean by the records given by others are not good enough.

Send us a Tax Deed #, Auction Date and County Name. We will give you the full details on why that record is or is not any good.