As we upload each set of surplus records, we also upload an order form that allows you to have us fully research the records for you, saving you even more time.

When you receive the surplus list currently, the following information is on it:

  • Auction Date
  • Tax Deed Number
  • Parcel Number
  • Starting Bid
  • Ending Bid
  • Assessed Value of property
  • Whether or not the property was Homestead (this affects the Surplus amount)
  • Surplus Amount
  • Who was the Owner at the time of the auction (who is entitled to the surplus)
  • What is/was their mailing address at the time of the auction (in case they did not live at the property or they moved before the auction)
  • What was the property address

At this point, you have to pull up the Property Information Report we give you, research it to find out if there are liens or mortgages on the tax deed that may take the surplus.

When you order the research from us, we do all of that for you. We add the following information:

  • Are there any governmental liens on the property or owner.
    If yes, how much are those liens
  • Are there any mortgages on the property.
    If yes, we give the Original Date of Mortgage, Original Amount and to which Bank/Lender it is owed. This allows you to estimate how much may be owed.
  • Are there any other liens on the property, such as Judgments. If yes, to whom is it owed and how much.
    If it is a Judgment, we give the date it was filed because if it has been more than 10 years, that Judgment has expired and cannot take any of the surplus.

The cost for research is $3 per record you choose

In the Repository each day, you will see the Surplus Spreadsheet, named as the Date (01-15-2019.xlsx).

You will also see a PDF Document named similarly (01-15-2019 Research Order Form.pdf)

Download both documents, determine which records you want use to research. On the Order Form PDF, make your selections right on the document (It is a Fillable PDF) and save it. Email it to us and we will have the results back to you within 24 hours.