94 Records with $4,887,498.96 in Surplus

  • We include records where the surplus amount is over $5,000 and no upper limit
  • The lists are in EXCEL Format. If you need it in CSV so it is importable into your database or CRM System, you can open it in Excel and save as a CSV. If you do not have Excel, you can open this in Google Sheets (for free) and save as a CSV.
  • We do NOT cherry-pick or omit any records
  • We are not Asset Recovery Specialists ourselves and do not go after these possible clients
  • Property Owner Names and Mailing Addresses are added to the records
  • You can choose to purchase the surplus records with or without the liens researched. Our Lien Research is a huge time-saver but of course, costs more.
  • The surplus records on this list come from all counties in Florida that we track which had an auction in this particular week. 
  • With your purchase, we also include the Property Information Reports (O&E’s, Title Reports) from the county. These reports give you a wealth of information about each property. If you decide to do the lien research on your own, these reports give you the Book & Page Number or Instrument Number of all documents that may be liens. You would use these numbers to look up on the County’s Official Records website to see IF they are liens and if so, how much.
  • We also include a Discount Code for our Companion Website, FloridaOverbids.com. On that website, we have a page for each of the 67 counties that gives you the step-by-step instructions on how and where to submit a claim plus you can download the County Claim Form and Client Forms you need. You will also have access to the Q&A Section where we can assist you with answers you need about each particular county. The code we give allows you to join each county for either $1 or $2 per month (huge discount!)
  • If you like what you receive and feel you want to continue, we highly recommend you join us with an on-going subscription because the cost is less.

We price the surplus list at 1.50 per record for the Non-Researched records and $3.00 per record for the Lien Researched records. Both options include the Property Information Reports, Guides and Videos plus a Discount Code if you want any particular County Page on FloridaOverbids.com where there is training, forms and a Q&A Section.

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Week 41 of 2023

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